July 31, 2006

More Kera Sketches

Scenerio for Kera has changed a bit. My friend and I have decided to explore Flash as a personal project to help us figure it out as a tool. For myself, I want to learn the nuances of Flash and how to "build" characters for better animation. So I'm throwing this in with my weekly drawing exercises. Actually I might start a new blog dedicated to our project. It will be called The Monkey and The Monk unless we think of something more creative down the line.


rini said...

ha!! u use the name!!

rini said...

dude i just remember one more name other than kera..
it's "monyet"


sketch-mark said...

and thus kera's sybling was born. hello, monyet! thanks for the link rini! i'll be using that as a reference for sure.