July 26, 2006

Sketch Exercise

I was very fortunate to talk to a lot of my favorite artists while attending the Comic Con. So fortunate that they were willing to sit with me one-on-one and actually sketched out tips for me to consider every time I draw while they critiqued my work. It'll be my personal little project to adopt an art workout recommended by Bobby Chiu. It requires analyzing your favorite artist and then applying your discoveries with follow up sketching exercises. If you're interested in his workout, I encourage you to buy Bobby Chiu's book: Guy Sketches. He outlines his art workout there, plus it's in the middle of all his inspirational art!

Anyways I feel like my art has hit a certain plateau. The ratings I get for my characters have been mediocre to the most. On a mojizu scale of 1-10, I've been averaging a 5.5. No kidding, it's been dead in the middle, and it's progressively getting worse. So every week or two I'll be choosing one of my favorite artists to emulate. The object isn't to copy their work, but to use it to build upon my own skills. I'm posting this note in hopes of keeping myself honest and disciplined. So three times a week I should be posting. I think I'll start studying the artists in the order of how I met them throughout the Comic Con, so I can immediately apply their tips. Well, we'll see how it goes. Cheers!

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