September 9, 2008

Hospital Sketches

Hey peeps. So these aren't sketches of a hospital, but sketches done while at the hospital. I've begun volunteering at a Children's Hospital. The program is called "Art for Life" and the responsibilities are to create arts and crafts with the kids in the ER waiting room. The idea is to give them as positive of an experience as possible and to keep them and their siblings occupied until they're called in. More or less, it becomes a temporary day care, which is not a problem. I'm happy to help relieve a bit of burden from the distressed parents. It's been an enormous reward hearing their thanks and seeing them and their children leave with a smile. Anyways, these sketches are usually my warm ups to help me get into the creative mind set for the kids. I'm going to try to post my hospital sketches every week.

On a different note. I must apologize for the smaller scans and overlaying watermarks. The orphaned art issue is still out there and I've already seen a couple of artworks from other blogs being ripped off. And rather blatantly too. So watermarking and smaller scans provided me with enough peace of mind to continue posting.

Well thanks for passing by. I'll see you next week.


Rini Sugianto said...

that is awesome! so nice of you doing this

Graham Ross said...

dude...who's been stealing your stuff? I'll totally kick their butt!