February 9, 2009


No image post today, but I still wanted to share something with everyone. This past week Andy, a bad-ass web designer that I know, and I came together to created a website for a friend.

So, my friend and another talented artist, Lisa Wong just won a beauty pageant and because of her talent (which you've got to check out) she was recently invited as a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Lisa asked if I would be able to design and construct a website for her, and of course I said "Hell, Yea!" ... Well, maybe not in such emphatic words, but I was definitely excited to make one for her. I asked Andy if he would be interested, and he was psyched to help.

Lisa's appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show was still open, but they were hoping to interview her within the week. After talking with Lisa, Andy and I started to design the site Wednesday night following our day-time jobs ... come Friday Lisa tells us that her interview was set for the upcoming Monday!! With our busy schedules we had to get the site done by Saturday. I cranked out the final visual designs by Saturday afternoon and Andy was able to finish programing the site by late Saturday evening. Boo Ya! There's a few things we need to set up, like her blog and getting Lisa's videos on the site, but otherwise we managed to build her website in about a good 20-something hours.

Here is a youtube clip of Lisa's talent, check it out:

Lisa's Talent Performance

and here's the website Andy and I were able to make:



Dan Wilson said...

Wow, Mark, that was super impressive. Congratulations to her.

sketch-mark said...

Yup, Lisa's got talent.

Dan said...

Wow! Super cool! Nice Website too ,Mark.